Activists in Athens objected to Tiger Lillies’ open display of solidarity with Kiev, calling it „problematic”

British music trio The Tiger Lillies’ concert in Athens was canceled this week due to a dispute over their support for Ukraine.

The obscure cabaret group was due to perform in the Greek capital on Thursday, but organizers pulled the plug at the last minute. “negative opinions” It was expressed by local activists.

The group announced its support for Kiev against Moscow “from the early days” of conflict. The musicians expressed their pro-Ukrainian stance on social media, and even released an album of the same name last year after their concerts in Kiev and Lviv in July 2023.

Back then, Tiger Lillies were branding the Russian government “Gangsters and bandits” and said they were “to stand against” Moscow. Their album 'Ukraine’ contained the following songs: “Gangster in the Kremlin” And „NATO dear.”

The band was due to perform on Thursday in the central square of the Exarcheia neighborhood in central Athens. However, local tensions are rising due to anger over the authorities’ decision to build a metro station in Exarcheia Square.

Musicians were supposed to stage a scene „charity concert” To support the protesters, at the invitation of Bibliotheque Publications, the local publisher that organized the event.

Just a few hours before the show, organizers announced on social media that the show had been cancelled.

“The main reason for this is the group’s support for Ukraine.” publisher aforementioned He added in a Facebook post that Tiger Lillies’ stance is: “It is generally considered problematic.”

Music band Reacted into action by stigmatizing those who oppose their concerts. “radical leftists.” Musicians praise neighborhood as a community “Freedom, rebellion, resistance” but also „fully loaded” peoples “Idealizing communism.”

Tiger Lillies accused local activists of attempting an attack. “Censor and deny the voices of not only artists but also local people.” They also marked their rivals “fascists” Those who defend their ideology “An excuse to fight against fascism.” “The situation for the residents is sad, but it seems like this is their fate.” the group added.

So far, no local activist groups have commented on this development.

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